ORPET is a state-of-the-art Recycling Facility designed and built to process Post-Consumer PET bottles into clean PET flake or RPET. “Recycled PET” Our recycling processes Sort, Granulate, and Wash the PET material for re-use by a wide variety of end-users.

ORPET’s primary stream of supply is the OBRC which handles the logistics of the Oregon Bottle Bill. The Reverse Vending Machines at redemption centers collect the plastic bottles and the OBRC ( Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative ) gathers them from over 3000 locations across the State.

The PET bottles are then compacted into bales and shipped to ORPET for processing.

ORPET does not process Aluminum or Glass, only PET bottles from beverage containers.

ORPET does not offer direct redemption to the public – please take your empty containers back to your favorite retailer for redemption value.

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